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Nikolai Lipatnikov

I am currently residing in Vancouver, BC Canada, but always open for travel. I've been doing video production service since 2011. Usually, I work with clients from idea and up to final delivery, but sometimes I get offers only for video shooting, editing and so on, separately. In 2012 I became interested in photography, year later I started to do some graphic design work. Then, visual effects. Nowadays, combine all my different skills and unique experience in the VFX industry as compositor I can offer you much more than "videography". As a visual effects artist, I worked on TV shows such as Gotham, Lucifer, Gifted and others.

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"Can you do a little bit more than aftermovie for our event?"

Sure! I've been working on different music events for a while and it's always way more then aftermovie or promo clips for the events. For this project, we flew to another country 1 month before the event and shot action intro with each artist, then we shared the story with visitors on the main big screen and they were delighted that night. I suggest you to watch the fragment of that show through the visitor's eyes. Original project

Work for magazine
The KM

"Slack" in the frame

I've done photo shooting with Sergey Murashov, co-founder of Slack messager for the article in the business magazine. You can find original text and other photos here

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